Welcome to greenXchange!


GreenXchange is a program for Young Leaders in sustainability in Israel and Germany. It was
incepted in 2011 as an initiative by the Jewish National Fund (JNF-KKL) to create a network
of Young Leaders between Israel and Germany to jointly tackle challenges of sustainability
that both countries face. GreenXchange is now organized by a group of former participants
who choose to act as multipliers for sustainable social change in their societies and to jointly
develop environmental initiatives.

The main component of greenXchange is the annual on-site seminar that alternates
between Germany and Israel. Each year, 15 Israelis and 15 Germans travel to one of the two
countries for one week and discuss pressing topics from the field of sustainability with local
experts and decision-makers. Throughout the year, greenXchange participants organize
lectures and meetings to further deepen ties between the two countries and find solutions.

Over the past seven years, many Young Leaders from Israel and Germany have participated in
the program. Participants are advanced students and young professionals that work with
environmental issues and questions of sustainability. Alumni now work in leading positions
in public administration and NGOs, academia and think tanks, as well as start-ups and
established businesses. GreenXchange has been nominated for the Shimon Peres Prize for
“outstanding projects that have contributed to shaping the future of Israeli-German