Data Privacy

This data privacy declaration is currently only available in German due to internal restructuring as the new federal laws overrode the EU GDPR. A basic summary for the time being:

  • This web server uses cookies, these are not used for specific tracking purposes, but technically necessary, thus covered in GDPR § 6 I f
  • This web server uses log files including IP addresses. In addition browser type and timestamp of access are logged, thus no personal data is saved or processed.
  • If a specific website uses forms all data entered in the form is saved and additionally the timestamp is seed. As each form requires your consent, this is covered in GDPR § 6 I a. All data is deleted after the purpose of the form usage is fulfilled. Details can be found in the corresponding form.
  • By visiting links to other websites, especially social media websites, the visitor is bound to their respective privacy regulations.