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2018 in Germany

The 8th greenXchange seminar was held, for the very first time, in Eastern Germany. From 24 to 30 September 2018, nineteen young and very skilled professionals explored Berlin and its surrounding State of Brandenburg. Main topics investigated and discussed were the periphery, processes of structural changes, social and sustainable innovations and environmental restoration, food waste, […]... Read More

2017 in Israel

The 7th greenXchange seminar, which took place this year in Israel from September 6-12, was the catalyst for the generation of ideas and exciting partnerships between 24 talented and highly motivated young professionals from Israel and Germany. Organizers declared this year’s event as the most successful to date.     What is greenXchange? greenXchange is a […]... Read More
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2016 in Germany

In September 2016, the sixth greenXchange seminar was hosted in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia – a region formerly known as Germany’s industrial center, which is now shifting towards green innovation. From September 11th until September 19th, this year’s participants toured Cologne, Jülich, Düsseldorf, Essen and Hamm visiting organizations as diverse as green start-ups, research […]... Read More

2015 in Israel

Discussing urban planning at Tel Aviv municipality, learning on food forests, being inspired by research centers in the Negev Desert – and much more. The fifth seminar of greenxchange brought together young professionals from Germany and Israel to learn and exchange their ideas and knowledge on sustainability and the environment. 28 participants took part in […]... Read More

2014 in Germany

Forest tours, political discussions, hightech institutions – the fourth Sustainability Seminar once again proved the versatility of the greenXchange. From August 3 until August 12, 24 participants from Germany and Israel travelled though Southern Germany. Find the detailed program brochure here Munich Starting point for the greenXchange 2014 was Munich. The participants were hosted by […]... Read More

2013 in Israel

With new members recruited to the existing team, and the strong incentive to establish a long-term operative platform where the German and Israeli participants can bring their skills and knowledge to create concrete environmental projects, greenXchange 2013 was ready to roll! The third annual greenXchange seminar began in Tel Aviv, with a walking tour of […]... Read More

2012 in Germany

greenXchange Seminar 2012 In September 2012, 24 participants from Israel and Germany joined the greenXchange seminar, in order to extend dialogue and cooperation in the environmental field of both countries. Over a one week seminar, greenXchangers learnt about environmental issues in the field of agriculture, energy, urban life and transportation in Germany, with the ultimate […]... Read More

2011 in Israel

Inga, greenXchange participant, describes her impressions of the seminar in Israel In September 2011, 24 young professionals from Germany and Israel joint greenXchange, the new young leadership program of the KKL-JNF. During the one week seminar, the young environmental professionals from Germany and Israel gained an insight into environmental issues and ecological challenges in Israel. […]... Read More